Intelligent freight management.

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  • Get freight in one click

  • Negotiate directly with the contractor

  • Agility, feasibility and new business opportunity

  • Check-in, information about the availability for haulers and companies

  • Cost of service

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  • Access to a large number of available drivers in real time

  • Reduce effort for the search of drivers

  • Find drivers near you

  • Your merchandise will not be at standstill

  • Set your own price

  • Totally free

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  • Reduce the costs

  • Eliminate the risk of fraud

  • Increase boarding capacity

  • Transparency and clarity in business

  • Simplicity for users

  • Audit

  • Real time reporting

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About us

Poliflete (Up Group Brazil) is a freight marketplace that integrates the industry and distributors to freelance drivers and haulers on the platform. The freight contracting process is automated through intelligent algorithms, generating management and economy for companies.


Algar Agro

“Poliflete helped us by generating value with a tool installed in the technological cloud that brings management and helps us to interact closely with several haulers.
Easy to use, Poliflete manages to unify Algar Agro in a much simpler way to the market, eliminating fraud and reducing costs. It is a successful investment!”

Rodrigo Gonçalves Director of Logistics.
Algar Agro

“Poliflete was fundamental to boost our volumes and mainly standardize, give clarity and objectivity in our freight contracting. Our negotiations are more effective, the volumes have been better in both the supply of the factory and volumes for export.”

Felipe Ballejo Logistics Manager
Transportes 1500

“Easy-to-use application. Poliflete brought many positive things to the haulers. It enabled us to work with much more credibility and transparency jointly with Algar Agro.”

Alemão Logistics Manager
Paulineris Transportes

¡Poliflete, a great partner of us in transportation! Its implementation facilitated mainly the shipment of cargoes. Now we can identify the region, the competitors and the hiring with much more agility. It's a very easy system, well implemented and welcome!

Wendell Logistic Manager

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